THE PAST: (the origin of the name “DJ INSANE”)

The musical journey began by getting a guitar and took music lessons, his Spanish teacher Domenico Di Lella taught him the basics of classical music such as reading and writing musical notes, the scale & chords. After one year, he and a few friends from the music-academy started a heavy metal band called GUARDIAN. After many practice sessions in rehearsal with his new electric guitar, he slowly developed his own unique style. His passion for music developed tremendously as he looked up to guitarists such as The Edge (U2), Les Claypool (Primus), Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmore (Pink Floyd).

Gradually he also became interested in Hip Hop & Dancehall.Artists like Public Enemy, NWA, 2Live Crew, Schoolly D, De La Soul, Mantronix, Above the Law, Supercat, Yellowman, Cutty Ranks, Eek-a-Mouse and many others of that time. He paid particular attention to the beats and the way of Scratching. Then he heard a mixtape MC “Schoolly D” and his DJ “Code Money (USA)”, he was sold. He heard rugged electronic beats with very sharp scratch techniques and decided to do this. His accumulated pocket money,so he could buy two turntables and a small mixer. He got an old amplifier and speakers and a box full of old records & 45singles from his family featuring all kinds of music. From the eighties, disco and italo to motown, soul, funk & oldskool bollywood. He began experimenting with all kinds of styles that he could obtain., But out of the box By mixing various beats and scratching various sounds he developed gradually his own style of mixing. He recorded his sessions on a cassette and let them hear it to friends. His friends told him, “the way you mix the beats and sounds is not normal, it’s pretty insane (INSANE) …” From that day DJ INSANE was born. Known for his insane way of mixing (THE “INSANE” WAY OF MIXING).

His passion for playing “live” instruments still existed and gradually bought a synthesizer to be able to work out his melodies drumcomputers to create his own beats, An Atari S1 Digital Sampler for recording and editing own sounds. an Atari ST with Cubase Basic Software for programming. He slowly learned how to compose his own music and to make remixes. He stayed a so called “bedroom D. J.” for about 5 years before he really turned outwards. In those five years he became a fully-fledged DJ. It was notably more to the turning techniques, the choice of records and the DJ skills and the creation of his own unique style of mixing. . His influences were very variant at that time hence its wide musicknowledge…

Eighties and Nineties influences

Kraftwerk, Gary Newman, Donna Summer, New Order, U2, Depeche Mode, Pink Floyd, Queen, Duran Duran, a Flock of Seagulls, Madness, Yello, Art of Noise, Deep Forest, Fleetwood Mac, Enigma, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Metallica, Nirvana, Alice Cooper, Body Count, Placebo, Rage against the machine, Anthrax, Panic at the disco, Marilyln Manson, Grave, Guns’ n Roses, Soundgarden, level42, Deep Purple, Prince, Billy Idol, Madonna , Pet Shop Boys, Simple Minds, Marillion, Talk Talk, ZZTop, Beastie Boys, Baltimora, Biohazard, Kate Bush, Cameo, The Cure, Fine Young Cannibals, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, INXS, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Barry White, The Police, Public Image Limited, Sex Pistols, King, Dead or Alive, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath etc ..

Reggae, Ragga Muffin & Hip Hop influences

Public Enemy, NWA, Schooly D, 2Live Crew, Schooly D, De La Soul, Mantronix, Above the law Supercat, Yellowman, Eek-a-Mouse, Apache Indian, Geto Boys, Ice-T , Cutty Ranks, General Levy, General Degree, Guru, General Trees, Chaka Demus, Pliers, Barrington Levy, Supercat, Papa San, Yellowman, Eek-a-Mouse, Jack Radics, Snagga Puss, Anthony Redrose, Steel Pulse, Simon Harris Daddy Freddy & Asher D, Shinehead, UB40, Ini Kamoze, Taxi Gang, Shabba Ranks, Tim Dog, Wu Tang Clan, Onyx, Ultramagnetic MC’s, King Bee, etc …

Electronic live acts, DJs & Producers influences

Kraftwerk, Orbital, Underworld, Brian Transeau, Daft Punk, Prodigy, SpeakerHeadz, Midival Punditz, State of Bengal, Armin van Buuren, Armand van Helden, Tiesto, Carl Cox, Above & Beyond, Paul Graham, Richard Durand, Human Resource, Enduser, Coone , Ruthless, Darkraver, Luna, Brennan & Heart, Angerfist, Neophyte, Ruffneck Alliance, Ezyme, Igor, Randy Katana, Jam Master Jay, Terminator x, Mister x, DJ Premier, Talvin Singh, etc …
During the early 90s, house music slowly made ​​her entrance in the Netherlands, DJ INSANE was interested in this movement and began to study and experiment with this genre with various genres of music. House music developed at a rapid pace in the Netherlands. Within the house scene two tendencies emerged namely “MELLOW” & “HARDCORE”

DJ INSANE was attracted to the HARDCORE scene because of the hard beats and rugged melodies. So DJ INSANE fully focused to the HARDCORE scene. He regularly bought vinyl at Stad DenHaag (MIDTOWN) records and became friends with DJ’S GIZMO and The Darkraver who worked in that store at that time.

His first HARDCORE party was in 1995 in ‘Oosterpark’ in Wassenaar. That was his first big break in the HARDCORE scene. Students had heard DJ INSANE run at an early student party where he made his debut.The students noticed his razorsharp mix techniques during his hardcore set and invited him to play at their party. After his first breakthrough DJ INSANE was approached by others to get their run on different student parties and also commercial HARDCORE festivals.He also made his first hardcore production called ‘The Joker’ He sent a demo to a well known record label in the hardcore scene, and after a while its production appeared on one of their compilation albums.

Since then, DJ INSANE continued to develop as a DJ & Producer and runs nationally and internationally at various events, festivals and nightclubs. He gets picked up by various promoters and organizations because of its energetic music and spinning style

DJ INSANE residences:

* Club 645
* Discotheque MADDOX
* Boom Boom Beats
* Discotheque Bollywood

DJ INSANE guest DJ (national):

* Dommelsch Dance Area, Parkpop, The Hague
* The Hague Beach Stadium
* Marathon
* The <O>
* Celebration Studios
* Asta
* Latidos
* Discotheque Bermuda
* Club Tropicana
* Get Down Cafe
* Escape Venue
* Hollywood Music Hall
* Club More
* Maassilo
* Ministry of Sound
* Eclipse

DJ INSANE guest DJ (International):

* Dark Buster Rave, Portland, Oregon (USA)
* The Knitting Factory, Los Angeles, California (USA)
* The Cave Club, Lloret de Mar (Spain)
* Le Duplex, (Paris)
* Cathouse (UK)
* Club Shaanti (UK)
* Club Arena, Hersonissos (Greece)
* Club Amnesia, Hersonissos (Greece)
* Club Aria, Hersonissos (Greece)
* Chamelot, Hersonissos (Greece)
* Club NRG, Hersonissos (Greece)
* Oxygen, Hersonissos (Greece)
* Kriti vibes, Hersonissos (Greece)
* Club The Hideout (India)
* Masters of Hardcore, Basel (Switzerland)

DJ INSANE DISCOGRAPHY : 1998 – The Joker – Ravers Knight vol 4 (RUFFNECK ALLIANCE)
2002 – Touch When You Dance – Grin groove (Immedia recordings)
2003 – Platinum Age of the remix – GMAN (Immedia recordings)
2004 – Crazed and Dazed – GMAN (Immedia recordings)

DJ INSANE committed regularly in charity.

He recently to performed for EDUKANS ( foundation together with Dutch celebrities NICK & SIMON.

Is also affiliated with EQUALITY Foundation.(

Has also played for fight4cancer ( and collected money for the fight against cancer. And became ambassador DJ for SIVA4KIDS in 2005 and produced an album with various music groups from all over the world, such as Bombayrockers, Fusing Naked Beats etc. Due to the proceedings of that album there is now a school in Suriname and India for children who previously had no school nearby.